outdoor painted Sculpture ConservatioN

outdoor painted Sculpture Conservation

Paint has two main functions for outdoor sculpture: it is a major part of a sculpture’s aesthetic appearance; and it protects the substrate onto which it is applied. Unlike with most sculpture that is sited in doors, eventually it will become necessary for outdoor sculptures to be repainted, even with routine maintenance. KCI has expertise with painted outdoor sculpture that is unparalleled in the Upper Midwest region. Our work with painted sculpture includes:

  • Condition Assessments

  • On-Site Work (when sculptures cannot be moved or do not need to be moved)

  • Care of Bases and Plaques Associated with Sculpture

  • When Complete Repainting Is Needed:

    • Selection and close oversight of professional painting subcontractor

    • Identifying original paint color and obtaining a new color match

    • Identifying appropriate, durable paint systems

    • Working with artists and their estates

    • Oversight and Consultation for rigging, transport, re-siting, and installation 

  • Routine Maintenance:

    • Conservation cleaning

    • Application of protective coatings
    • Written maintenance plans
  • Other Conservation Treatments:
    • Structural repairs

    • Removal of rust and metal corrosion

    • Graffiti removal and urgent treatment of vandalism