Monument Conservation

Monument Conservation

Conservation of monuments can be complex when a multitude of materials are present. KCI has experience planning and carrying out conservation treatments of historic and contemporary monuments, including identifying and supervising specialty sub-contractors when needed. We also know that planning for on-going maintenance of monuments is imperative for their preservation, and therefore we routinely provide practical maintenance plans to clients. Our monument conservation services include:

  • Condition Assessments

  • Conservation Treatments:

    • Bronze, copper, zinc, lead, and steel conservation

    • Welded repairs

    • Casting replacement parts

    • Patina repairs

    • Repainting

    • Application of lacquers, waxes, and anti-graffiti coatings

    • Masonry and stone repairs

    • Careful supervision of specialty sub-contractors

  • Routine Maintenance:

    • Conservation cleaning

    • Replacement of protective coatings
    • Written maintenance plans
  • On-Site Work 
  • Consultation about Plantings and Other Site Issues

  • Care of Bases and Plaques Associated with the Monument