Modern & Contemporary art Conservation

Modern & Contemporary art Conservation

Modern and contemporary art can pose unique challenges due to the use of unconventional techniques and new materials. Frequently, research is needed to properly treat works of contemporary art, which may include cleaning, stabilizing, repairing, or even replacing parts. KCI conservators routinely consult with living artists about the conservation of their work when necessary. Even when traditional materials are used, contemporary art presents unique challenges because the artist’s intent and aesthetic requirements are quite different than more traditional works of art. Both KCI Conservators have extensive experience conserving works of modern and contemporary art and design. We offer the following contemporary art conservation services:

  • Condition Assessments
  • On-Site Work When Art Cannot Be Moved

  • Preventive Conservation Strategies for Long-Term Preservation

  • Conservation Treatment of Many Types of Objects:

    • Metals

    • Plastics and resins

    • Glass

    • Painted objects

    • Found object assemblages

    • Paper, fibers, and hides

    • Unconventional materials like chocolate and dung

    • Installations and conceptual art

    • Multi-media art

    • Electronic art

    • Kinetic art

    • Outsider art