Ethnographic art ConservatioN

Ethnographic art Conservation

Working with art and artifacts from other cultures requires not only traditional art conservation skills, but careful consideration of the points of view of other cultures. It is not always appropriate to clean or restore ethnographic objects in the same way that one might do for Western art. KCI has experience working to conserve many types of ethnographic objects made from many materials. We take a culturally sensitive approach to these artworks, consulting with experts and cultural community members when appropriate, to undertake the following services:

  • Condition Assessments
  • Appropriate Cleaning, Stabilization, & Replacement of Parts

  • Preventive Conservation Strategies for Long-Term Preservation

  • Conservation Treatment of Many Types of Objects:

    • Hide, skin, leather

    • Hair, fur, wool

    • Feathers and quills

    • Beads

    • Ivory and bone

    • Shell

    • Silver, copper, brass, tin, and other metals

    • Stone

    • Ceramics

    • Unfired clay and mud

    • Wood and bark

    • Painted objects

    • Baskets