Sculpture & Decorative Arts Conservation


Sculpture & Decorative Arts Conservation

KCI conservators are trained in object and sculpture conservation, meaning that we conserve most forms of three-dimensional art and artifacts, whether ancient or contemporary, in a wide range of materials. Conservation involves examination, documentation, cleaning, stabilizing, restoring, and repairing works of art.  Our work on traditional sculpture and decorative arts includes:

  • Condition Assessments

  • On-Site Work (when sculptures cannot be moved or do not need to be moved)

  • Preventive Conservation Strategies for Long-Term Preservation

  • Conservation Treatment of Many Types of Objects:

    • Traditional bronze sculpture

    • Silver, copper, brass, and other metals

    • Marble and other stone

    • Glass

    • Porcelain and ceramics

    • Wood

    • Ivory and bone

    • Painted objects

    • Gilded objects

    • Historic objects

    • Ancient artifacts

    • Folk art