Bronze Sculpture Conservation

BRonze Sculpture Conservation

KCI has extensive experience with the conservation of bronze sculpture, from historic monuments to contemporary works, and in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our approach to bronze sculpture keeps the needs of the client in mind; and we routinely provide practical maintenance planning, in addition to treatment services, so that sculptures remain in good condition for years to come. Services we provide for bronze sculpture include:

  • Conservation Treatments:

    • Welded repairs

    • Casting replacement parts

    • Patina repairs

    • Application of lacquers and waxes

    • Graffiti removal and urgent treatment of vandalism

  • Routine Maintenance:

    • Conservation cleaning

    • Replacement of protective coatings
    • Written maintenance plans
  • Condition Assessments

  • On-Site Work (when sculptures cannot be moved or do not need to be moved)

  • Oversight and Consultation for Installation and Re-Siting of Sculpture

  • Care of Bases and Plaques Associated with Sculpture